Visual Project Manager

What do |
have in common?

They are all commitments… Never miss one again!

Just bubble your way through tasks.

Effortless and uncomplicated

A new innovative way to manage your tasks and track issues.

No fear of failure

You’ve got it under control

Agile visual simple project management

User-friendly Bubbles View enables:

  • Simple, visual, intuitive workload planning in weekly sprints.
  • Each Bubble’s placement represents the importance, urgency, and value of a particular task.
  • Strategizing and prioritizing your workload on the fly.
  • Use of multiple workflow templates like Kanban, MIT, and GTD methodologies.
  • Create a powerful visual organizational hub as a reference library.
  • Arrange tasks visually by its importance, urgency and relation to goals.
  • Eliminating the complexity, cost, and system overhead of traditional alternatives.



Organized issue tracking

Everything you need to plan and manage customer issues

  • Easy logging, tracking, and prioritizing customer issues.
  • Direct integration with StriveChat.
  • Link customers to specific tasks and share its progress.
  • Attach any file format, images, and screenshots.
  • Write unlimited notes in rich format.
  • Easy filter and search by anything.
  • Use tags, subtasks, and references to other tasks.

Modern optimized planner

Plan your time better – visually

  • Drag & drop for fast schedule creation.
  • Time blocks inherit color of linked tasks for visual recognition.
  • Break tasks into multiple, more manageable time blocks.
  • Coordinate team action via task specific color-coding.
  • Effortlessly create recurring tasks or events.
  • Quickly link to a task from within an event.
  • Accelerate commitment resolution with visual interface.

Organic in-app collaboration

Bring it all together in Tasks, project Boards and Collections

  • Collaborate with ease on any level.
  • Communicate faster.
  • Share tasks and related discussion details.
  • Use project Boards to group people and tasks together.
  • Keep all your important project information, random thoughts, and big ideas organized and safe in a central location.
  • No data scattered among different apps or files.

Shareable knowledge base Collections

Bundle it into single Collection to share with the world

  • Share the power of knowledge with a single click.
  • Structured visual content and Rich text editor.
  • Share read-only Collections among your peers, friends, or clients.
  • Broadcast Collections on social media as a single condensed pack of information.
  • Follow others, build followers.
  • Build community user groups, customer advisory teams, etc.
  • Share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest…

Bookmarks manager to organize research

Turn an unruly mass of bookmarks into a reference powerhouse

  • Easily capture any website url using Chrome extension.
  • Build research library effortlessly saving selected text from any web page.
  • Organize bookmarks assigning them to Tasks, Posts and Boards.
  • Search on anything, to quickly retrieve essential bookmarks.
  • Easily share your bookmarks with Collections.

BubblesPlanner at glance

Commit to success



Break big tasks into smaller sub-tasks


Group people and tasks together into project Boards


Shared Collections

Share your project with the world



Add as many details as you want in rich text/content format.

Intuitive dates

Assign dates quickly by selecting a work week.

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to anyone

Share and collaborate

Share projects, delegate tasks, and discuss details.

Team spaces

Create and manage team spaces for functional groups

Contextual value stickers

Assign contextual values to measure task significance.

Powerful labeling

Categorize with labels. Assign unique color to each label

Planning Methods

Select any planning method: Kanban, 2+3, 1+3+5, Matrix system, GTD …

Effort levels

Assign and view task effort levels



Chat 1:1 with anyone, create conversations in shared tasks and boards

Powerful search & filters

Filter by anything and find anything in tasks using powerful search capabilities.



Get reminded & notified via push notifications

Bookmark manager

Save any web links url on the fly and attach to existing tasks/posts.

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