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Bubbles Planner

Visual commitments manager to grow your business

What do |
have in common?

They are all commitments…

Never miss one again.

Turn your projects into shared Collections

Create tasks & posts

Create tasks or posts in a snap. Easily organize and work on files associated with a project. Add all related info in one place: documents, video clips, graphics, spreadsheets, reports, web links and bookmarks…

Group into a Board

Group multiple tasks and posts into a project Board. Give it a name and description. Organize its BubblesView layout, add the cover and turn it into a publicly shared project (Collection).

Share your Collection

Express yourself. Join a community that thrives on sharing creativity and skills. Watch them grow and evolve. Bookmark and save favorite Collections. Follow and connect with others.

How it works

  • Visualize tasks and posts as color-coded bubbles according to its context.
  • Plan better with estimated effort levels reflected in the bubble size.
  • Prioritize your work in the unique BubblesView, choosing the layout that fits how you work best.

A new era of mobile organization


Declutter your brain – get stuff out of your head

Add to-do’s on-the-fly onto a task list. Simple “brain dump” makes them actionable, thereby closing the open loops.


Manage your To-Do list on the go

Life is too complicated not to be orderly. But seriously, what’s the use of an iPhone if it can’t make your life easier.


Keep non-actionable items out of your focus

And yet within your reach. Someday and Posts buckets are non-planning tasks that are easily referenced in other actionable tasks

A modern concept for busy lifestyle


Strategize your workload in bubbles view

Optimize your productivity by viewing tasks as bubbles categorized by colored labels, sized by efforts and aligned according to their priorities.


Arrange tasks visually by its importance and urgency

Use simple planning buckets to define its due date. Get the most important work done on time. First 3 weeks plus Backlog are in the planning horizon.


Create visual system that works for you

Use bubbles patterns for mapping your actions and create your own patterns to follow. Post contextual Action notes. A BIG picture is worth a thousand words.

Create a powerful organizational hub


Bring it all together

Gather all related information and put in tasks or posts: text, notes, images, screenshots, checklists, docs, links, bookmarks, conversations … any file formats. Turn them into plannable tasks.


Find anything

Spend less time searching. Find anything you have collected using boards, labels, tags, contextual stickers, assigned users and scheduling buckets.


Be efficient

Manage due dates with your planning horizons. Cross reference to other tasks and use high level quick action notes to maximize productivity.

Share your Collections


Have something to share with the world?

Share your amazing collections with someone personally or on social media with a single click.


Communicate faster

Teamwork is fun when everyone is organized. Share project boards, delegate tasks, and discuss details in task and board chat rooms.


Express yourself, build followers

Build followers by sharing your ideas and experiences. Follow others in the community. Make an impact.

BubblesPlanner at glance



Achieve more by breaking big tasks into smaller sub-tasks (multi-level)


Use boards like projects – group people and tasks together


Shared Collections

Share your complete organized project with the world



Add as many details as you want using task Notes

Intuitive dates

Assign dates by selecting a work week. Fine-tune it with custom dates

Assign Due Dates

Assign tasks to anyone with specific due date

Share and collaborate

Share projects, delegate tasks and discuss details

Contextul value stickers

Focus on what’s important using Todoist’s color-coded priority levels.

Assign effort levels

Preview all by its effort estimates



Chat 1:1 with anyone, create conversations in teams, in shared tasks and boards

Multiple Methods

User can select one out of many methods for To-do list management planning : Kanban, 2+3, 1+3+5, Matrix system, GTD …

Powerful labeling

Categorize any task by the label. Assign unique color to each label

Powerful search & filters

Filter by anything and find anything in tasks using powerful search


Get reminded via email, push notification



Get notified when important changes happen via emails or push notifications

From our users

“This is a real time-saver. Honestly, I never believed that using an app would make my life this easier. I finally have my workload under control – I can plan things without a stress. (I thought it would not be possible :). Such an effective concept. Wonderful app.”

Dan Renev

Sr. Architect, MVP Tech

“Changes in the schedule was a real issue. Time wasted on re-prioritization and realignment of Gantt charts… BubblesPlanner was a savior. This is the ultimate app every business owners needs. Amazing experience! Highly recommended to everyone out there!”

Inga Pensky

Sr. Developer, Flatwen Inc

“Incredible planner. I was skeptical about paying subscription, but I’ve come to realize how great of an investment it was. I no longer need my weekly planner (binder). This app keeps everything and makes real fun to work with. It became the foundation for my week.”

Martin Jones


“I love this app, and I use it for home and work. I am so forgetful. It is like my second brain. Best productivity app I’ve used. All features I need are right there when I need them. Simply elegant. Using multiple boards and sharing them with a click- just brilliant.”

Trevor May

Productivity fan

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  • Tasks – Unlimited
  • Labels – Unlimited
  • Assignments – Unlimited
  • Advanced search – Yes
  • Storage – 150MB
  • File size limit – 5MB
  • Project boards – 2
  • Team members – 5


  • Tasks – Unlimited
  • Labels – Unlimited
  • Assignments – Unlimited
  • Advanced search – Yes
  • Storage – Unlimited
  • File size limit – 30MB
  • Project boards – Unlimited
  • Team members – Unlimited
  • Integrations – Yes
  • Priority support – Yes