Taking on a new role as a team leader can be an exciting, but at the same time daunting prospect. If it is your first time doing it, you’re probably not used to the extra responsibility that the post entails.

It’s different simply having to answer to someone than having a whole team answer to you. But if you follow these two tips, you’ll already be on the right track.

Make Up the Time to Lead

Your regular work day at your previous position was probably already pretty busy. If on top of that, you still have to delegate tasks, coordinate the team members with each other and keep track of their progress and, there’s no way you will be able to do it properly.

If you want to take up the position of team leader, make sure to clarify what your responsibilities will be and that the company is willing to clear some time in your schedule accordingly.

You can also save precious time by using a tool that helps you manage your team more efficiently. The BubblesPlanner app is a great example. Not only does it allow you to create and assign tasks to other members of the team, but you can also set and view dependencies between teams. Furthermore, the app has features like the Bubble-Chart and Visual Timeline that help you keep track of project schedules.

Have Compassion for Your Team Members

If something happens to go wrong and one or more of your team members don’t deliver a certain task in time, don’t jump to conclusions. Instead of crucifying them right away, try to understand the reasons behind the failure. Were they not motivated, did they lack the skill, was there no communication?

Sometimes every person may be excellent individually, but for some reason, they did not work well together. Understanding what is behind a failure can help you build on your team’s strengths and work on its weaknesses.

By taking some time to address these issues, not only will the team be more efficient meeting the next project deadline, but you will keep your workers motivated because they’ll know you care for them.