Some of us use lists to keep track of daily activities, and others not so much. While we may dismiss the to-do list as a gimmick that gives us the illusion of getting more work done, this is actually not true. It can have positive benefits in our productivity, like the ones we’re about to describe.

1. It helps you focus on the task at hand
Have you ever heard of the Zeigarnik effect? It describes the tendency of our brain to remember unfinished or interrupted tasks better than ones we’ve already completed.

What this means for our work productivity is that while we have unfinished tasks left to do, they are always on the back of our minds and prevent us from completely focusing on the task at hand.

The simple fact of writing down the tasks in a self-explanatory way helps our brain “forget” them in the current moment.

2. It helps you set priorities
We may have so many things we need to work on that it is unrealistic to think we can get them all done in a single day. Writing them down in a list helps us visualize each one, and then focus on the top 2 or 3 most important tasks for the day.

Then, we should realize that by completing the most important tasks we already got a lot of work done.

3. It helps you batch related tasks together
If we take a look at our to-do list, we may realize that some of the tasks are similar to each other. It is more efficient to perform these groups of tasks in succession, rather than alternating between different types of activities.

Switching between different tasks reduces our productivity because it takes our brain more time to reach a steady workflow.

A to-do list is a personal thing and every person uses the medium they feel more comfortable with. Why not try a mobile app like the BubblesPlanner app? It lets you keep to-do lists in a user-friendly way, and even manage priorities and estimate the time needed for each task.