Nowadays, businesses are so focused on productivity that many of us are working more hours than ever. However, working harder does not mean you are getting more work done.

We think these 3 tips can help you work smarter and even find more time for your personal life.


In reality, we cannot exactly multitask; what happens is that we quickly switch between tasks, and some people can do this better than others.

When you switch from one task to another it will take some time before you are completely focused again. It can take seconds, or even minutes, depending on the task. Add all these chunks of time together and it can add up to some hours during a day.

So, try to dedicate all of your efforts to a single task at a time, and take breaks between tasks where you can allow yourself to get distracted. By being completely focused you will get more done in less time.


It may seem difficult to monotask when our to-do list is so full. That’s why it is important to prioritize tasks.

It is unrealistic to think that you can get all the tasks in your list done; more tasks will simply be added as each one is finished. Instead, try to realize the truth that some tasks have higher priorities than others, and focus on those first.

Sometimes it can help if you have a tool that lets you clearly visualize priorities. The BubblesPlanner app is a great example. First, turn your tasks into bubbles, then choose a color for your most urgent tasks so you’ll quickly recognize them. You can even drag the bubbles across panes to sort priorities as you see fit.


It is important to know that you can’t complete every task by yourself, so learning how to delegate is key.

First, identify which tasks from your list should really be done by yourself and which ones you can delegate. From the second group, think about which one of your colleagues would be better suited for each task.

When you pass on a task, give clear instructions to the person you are passing it to. You should also delegate the responsibilities and authority associated with the task at hand.

You can delegate tasks quickly with the BubblesPlanner app. Just assign them to your team members and leave a side note with your instructions. The built-in chat makes it even easier to clarify any issues and help you delegate better, so you can focus on what is truly important.