Nowadays, it feels like work is all about productivity. Workers are judged based on it and they may receive rewards for having top productivity levels.

Not surprisingly, everyone wants to be productive. So many people just rush through an entire day, running around and jumping from one task to another. This may make them feel productive, but it doesn’t necessarily match reality.

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to be more productive and reduce your stress levels.

1. Work from One To-do List

Some people like to use an actual notebook to take down notes, others may prefer to use their smartphone app, and others still use both. Some may even have their notes scattered across multiple smartphone apps.

This is a sure-fire way to be more disorganized and feel like your mind is all over the place. Just note down everything in one place. Pick one medium and stick to it.

If you are the smartphone type yourself, you may try a to-do list app like BubblesPlanner. Besides taking notes, it allows you to set priorities, effort levels and even share and delegate tasks to others. Your brain will instantly benefit from having such a consolidated, user-friendly source of information.

2. Make Time for Lunch

In those days when you are knee-deep in work, you may forget that it’s lunchtime already, or decide to skip lunch altogether and just grab a quick snack. Don’t!

For starters, having a single chocolate bar or something from the bakery will just give you energy for a short period of time. And your brain needs energy to work properly.

Furthermore, taking a break from work to have a proper lunch allows your mind to rest and reset, so you can tackle problems with a different perspective in the afternoon.

3. Eat the Frog First Thing in the Morning

If you have a particularly intimidating task that you have to get done on your day, then do it as soon as you can. If you don’t, you’ll never truly focus on your other tasks because you’ll always be thinking about that frog.

On the other hand, if you swallow the frog right away, then you can approach your other tasks with renewed freedom and enthusiasm.

4. Don’t Ignore Postal Mail

The so-called “snail mail” is becoming increasingly rare these days, since companies have almost completely shifted toward the e-mail.

However, chances are you still receive the occasional bill through the postal mail. If you do, you should open that specific letter and deal with it at once, instead of leaving it sitting somewhere. You may regret not doing so when the payment deadline is approaching and you can’t remember where you put that letter.