There’s a lot of work involved in becoming a successful entrepreneur, and one of them is certainly taking advice from people who have already proven themselves in the business. Take a look at these 5 entrepreneurs and how they improved their productivity, and who knows, maybe you’ll find just the thing you were missing in order to advance your business.

1. Joe Silverman – Rewards System

The founder of New York Computer Help, Joe Silverman, implements a neat rewards system in order to keep himself motivated. He found that snacks act as a particularly good motivator. For example, when he completes the blog, he rewards himself with a mini-chocolate. That’s a pretty cool way to stay motivated, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

2. Tracy DiNunzio – Work from Home (at Least) One Day a Week

Multitasking is a myth, according to Tracy DiNunzio, the founder, and CEO of online clothes re-seller Tradesy. Instead, she focuses on one task until it’s complete. To increase her productivity, DiNunzio tries to work from home at least once a week, and also, she practices coming up with time blocks that help her decide which task has more priority.

3. Sallie Krawcheck – Work While Everyone Is Sleeping

No, we’re not talking about late at night, but rather early in the morning. Namely – getting up before dawn. This is exactly what Sallie Krawcheck, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Ellevest, a digital advisor for women, does in order to stay productive. In fact, she says that she’s never more productive than at 4 a.m. Her mind is clean then, without the busy work day interfering with her thoughts.

4. Bobby Harris – Keep Meetings as Short as Possible

A lot of people don’t like business meetings, especially those long ones that seem to last forever. One of those people is Bobby Harris, president, and founder of BlueGrace Logistics. In fact, he always cuts the requested time for a meeting in half. Harris considers meetings a waste of time, however, he still acknowledges that they are necessary.

5. Beth Doane – Send Calls to Voicemail

Having to answer a lot of calls throughout the day can distract you in doing your job, and that’s why Beth Doane, the creator of the apparel line Raintees, decided that all of her calls, which are not scheduled, are forwarded to voicemail. In this way, she can completely focus on her work, returning calls at the end of the day.