Stay Organized, Focused, and Productive

After decades in the regimented world of corporate America, a family situation provided me with the opportunity to strike out as a freelance copywriter. In the years leading up to that point, I began to realize that my passion lay in creating content; words specifically. People routinely commented on how
Task management app
“Ah, grasshopper. You have come seeking wisdom. Where does your life trouble you? Too many things to do and too little time? You don’t know where to start? Confucius say, ‘It is best to start at the beginning.’ Come, let us look at your to-do list. You do have one,
Managing a business can be very tricky, while you might provide a specific kind of service/product, you will have to look after all aspects of your business. Every business will have challenges are different points of time and you will have to come up with solutions to keep the business
Maximum Focus
Have you ever bowled a perfect game? Did you sink all your shots during practice or just couldn’t be sniped in an online game? Maybe you’ve been so productive in the workplace one day that you did more than your share of work and didn’t notice the time passing by.
You May be Less Productive
Everyone thinks that their way is best when it comes to being efficient in the workplace. From the way we interact with others, to sleeping habits, to the way we arrange our desks, we often feel that everything has to be done a certain way in order to do the
More Productive
For most people today, hobbies form part of their private life. But did you know that your favorite hobbies can help boost your productivity by nearly 50%? We usually create an invisible firewall between our professional lives and our hobbies like golfing, skiing, hiking, sewing, and many others. The general


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