Do you struggle with managing your time, or that of your team? Perhaps you have a ton of tasks that you need to get through, and don’t know where to start when it comes to scheduling and prioritizing.

If that sounds familiar, BubblesPlanner may be the perfect app for you. Released recently on Apple’s App Store, BubblesPlanner allows you to turn every task you need to complete into a bubble. The larger bubbles denote the big goals of the project, whereas the smaller bubbles contain all of the little tasks that you can’t ignore.

BubblesPlanner uses a three-step process to help you get your house in order:
1. Plan
2. Focus
3. Act

Here’s how each stage works.

BubblesPlanner allows you to create tasks in the space of a couple of screen taps. Better yet, you can assign these tasks to different boards, each of which relates to a specific project. There’s no more mixing and matching your jobs. Instead, you get to organize all of your work so you keep your eye on the main prize.

BubblesPlanner also helps you to keep track of the size of your tasks. The more effort required, the larger the bubble. You get to decide which tasks you tackle first. Better yet, you can upload any important project documents straight onto the app.

With your Bubbles in place, it’s time to get focused. BubblesPlanner does much more than letting you create tasks. It also helps you figure out exactly where you need to focus. A quick glance will show you how much work you have to get done, plus you’ll spot any work-related bottlenecks in an instant.

BubblesPlanner speeds up the decision-making process, so you can spend more time doing work. Assign Bubbles to timeslots in the weekly task pane, or drag them into project boards so that your entire team knows what it needs to work on.

With your focus established, it’s time to take action. BubblesPlanner helps you to keep track of the tasks you complete, and the work that you have left.

Once you finish a task, it only takes a tap of the finger to pop its related Bubble. As your Bubbles clear up, you’ll see where you have spare time to insert even more tasks. Better yet, you won’t end up repeating anything that you’ve already done.

The Final Word
There’s so much more to discover with BubblesPlanner. Open your free account today to take control of your workload.