Better productivity is one of the goals of every business owner, but how to achieve that? One of the ways is ensuring that the employees are paid enough, and sure, that’s good thinking. But what about the employees’ happiness? Have you ever stopped to think whether employees actually enjoy doing their job? According to a Gallup survey, only 13% of employees are engaged at work, from which we can conclude that most employees are not happy at their work. It’s even been estimated that this dissatisfaction with jobs costs US companies roughly $450–$550 billion each year.

Happy Workers = Better Productivity

It seems like it would be hard to measure just how much of an impact happiness has on productivity, but it’s actually been done. Namely, the economists at the University of Warwick conducted a study which resulted in a conclusion that stated that happiness leads to a 12% spike in productivity. On the other hand, unhappy workers are 10% less productive.

Furthermore, Shawn Anchor, author of The Happiness Advantage, found that a person’s brain works much better when they’re feeling positive. They will be better at solving problems, and more creative, too. There’s even been research done that found that happy employees make for better team members, so having all this in mind, business owners should focus more on the happiness of their employees. For example, that’s what Google did – using various initiatives, the company managed to achieve a 37% increase in employee satisfaction.

So, How Can We Be Happier?

Good question. Well, again, a research suggests some simple ways, such as helping out co-workers. Another way is meditation, although this may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if it is, then it’s recommended that it should last for at least two minutes a day. There’s also reflecting on three things that an employee might be grateful for at work, so that they would get the better understanding of how they can be happier. There isn’t just one correct way of making employees happy, so business should try and experiment with what works best for them.