Managing multiple tasks simultaneously is inevitable when you have lots of things to do. But multitasking is not without its dangers. Switching between tasks often costs you time. It also affects your focus. You can only multitask for so long before your focus becomes more diffused and you start missing out on important details. Multitasking can also lead to missed deadlines and unfinished tasks.

But what if, in spite of all this, you have to multitask? The key to making it work for you is to improve your multitasking workflow. Here’s how you can do that.

Bring All Your Tasks in One Place

If your tasks are spread out across mediums, platforms, and devices, you’re not using multitasking effectively enough. What you need is one interface where you can manage all your tasks, including tasks in progress, future tasks, and completed tasks. You need to be able to access this platform on both mobile and desktop. Also, you need to be able to quickly edit, cancel, reassign, or reschedule any task.

Reduce Unnecessary Communication

When managing multiple tasks on a daily basis in a team environment, you can save time by implementing a task manager your team members can access at any time. Assign tasks directly into that app instead of by email, phone, or in person. You will not only save time but avoid misunderstandings and make task tracking easier.

Enforce Deadlines and Priorities

Important tasks are not all equally important. Similarly, urgent tasks are not all equally urgent. Create sub levels of prioritization that go beyond important / non-important or urgent / non-urgent. Go a step further and add deadlines to all tasks, even small, non-essential ones. By doing so you can improve the performance of the people working on your tasks. You get more work done faster.

We know how difficult and time-consuming good multitasking can be, which is why we’ve designed BubblesPlanner. With our app, you can keep track of all tasks and assign and schedule them as you need to. And since big bubbles represent important, demanding tasks, and small bubbles easier tasks, you and your team members will always know what tasks to focus on at any given time. Learn more about BubblesPlanner here.