BubblesPlanner Mobile (iOS)

Mobile organization and work management

How it works

  • Visualize tasks and posts as color-coded bubbles according to its context.
  • Plan better with estimated effort levels reflected in the bubble size.
  • Prioritize your work in the unique BubblesView, choosing the layout that fits how you work best.

Declutter your brain

  • Get stuff out of your head
  • Easily log, systematize and track tasks and posts
  • Focus on what is important.

The concept of work planner

  • Create visual system that works for you
  • Arrange tasks visually by its importance and urgency 
  • Strategize your workload in bubbles view

Bring it all together

  • Add notes, images, screenshots, checklists, docs, links, bookmarks, conversations … any file formats.
  • Spend less time searching. Find anything you have collected 
  • Cross reference to other tasks