Simple planning

Plan your time better

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Most of us use our calendars all wrong: we don’t schedule work; we schedule interruptions. Meetings get scheduled. Phone calls get scheduled. Doctor appointments get scheduled. You know what often doesn’t get scheduled? Real work. All those other things are distractions. Often, they’re other people’s work. But they get dedicated blocks of time, and your real work becomes an orphan.

– Eric Barker, author of Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Quick. Optimized. Block scheduling.

Build your day around your priorities

  • Drag & drop for fast schedule creation.
  • Time blocks inherit color of linked tasks for visual recognition.
  • Break tasks into multiple, more manageable time blocks.
  • Effortlessly create recurring tasks or events.
  • Quickly link to a task from within an event.
  • Accelerate commitment resolution with a visual interface.