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BubblesPlanner is Officially Released on the Apple App Store
Take control of your to-do lists and projects with this FREE task management app.

Santa Clara, CA:   Today, the minds behind BubblesPlanner are celebrating the official release of the BubblesPlanner app on the App Store.

The company is committed to championing a new era of mobile organization and are excited to provide the tool for resolving common but daunting obstacles of tasks and to-do lists providing the simplest way to plan and organize your daily life at work and at home. Your to-do list may include everything from huge projects, through to the little things that can pile up quickly if you let them. With BubblesPlanner, you can easily keep track of every task you need to complete, share it seamlessly and assign tasks to your teammates or to-dos to your family members. Bubblesplanner is utilizing its proprietary patent-pending approach of task list visualization and management.


The app creates a special bubble for each task. Effort levels are translated into bubble sizes. The bigger the task, the more prominent the bubble. Bubbles have colors and they are assigned by user based on its labeling categorization. Contextual stickers are used to identify task (bubble) with a specific location, circumstances, and a role it plays in achieving specific goals. From there, you can plan how you’ll complete tasks. The user has simplified weekly scheduling buckets that are resembling agile scrum methodology. Weekly scheduling buckets alleviate the dread of overwhelming and stressful balancing of the workload. Unique Bubbles view allows user to assemble bubbles into a pattern that is replacing formal and labor-intensive prioritization. It exponentially increases effectiveness of tasks planning and its simplicity will allow user to defeat complex maintenance of Gantt charts and employ efficiency of mind mapping techniques.  Its no-nonsense drag-and-drop interface of color coded tasks/bubbles makes its management amazingly effective.

Sharing of tasks and project boards is a huge part of BubblesPlanner. User can aggregate tasks into multiple Boards simultaneously and share among different groups/ people in the team. BubblesPlanner serves a central project hub for everything that you work on. You can upload important project documents, stay in touch with remote workers, and manage new tasks as and when they arise, store and share documents, images, and links –  all using your iPhone.

Complete the task and pop task bubbles with a simple tap of the screen. What could be simpler?

Communicate in chats 1:1 and in teams on tasks and project boards. Send direct messages and notifications. Create reminders and follow up with assigned team members. Arrange your workflow visually using Bubbles view and create explicit sequential pathways.  Instantly see new tasks, completed tasks, updates and added documents that are attached and shared by team members…  Have complete control of your shared documentation and manage information effortlessly.  Share your ideas and store it in Someday or Reference scheduling buckets.  They will be there any time you need them, and you will be able to convert reference tasks into planning bubbles with single click.

Create references to other tasks inside each individual tasks or to-do.  Use powerful searching and filtering functionality that can find any keyword in notes or sub-tasks or even document names or image names attached. Use colorful labels, contextual stickers, folders, boards and, of course, tags to manage your organization. Rather than just a written list you have a bit more fun and involvement with colors and action. Just look at your bubbles to know the importance of your daily plan.

Keep things simple. Let the BubblesPlanner app to be your primary tool in handling the complexity of your day-to-day to-list management.

App is available for download in iTune’s App store via the link below:

About BubblesPlanner

Based in Santa Clara, California The BubblesPlanner team has a simple goal in mind: make our lives more productive and fruitful.

Drawing on agile sprint task management methodology, the team created a simple and easy to use app that puts the power back in your hands. In doing so, they’ve ushered in a task management revolution.