Don’t you just hate getting up early in the morning? Our busy schedules often have us get up even before sunrise, which just feels unnatural, and it can make us very depressed. It would be great if you could do all your tasks later in the day, but according to author Laura Vanderkam – not every hour is created equal. In her book What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, she argues that making smart use of the early morning is something that most highly successful people have in common.

As an example of early morning practice, she mentions former Pepsi CEO Steve Reinemund and his 5 am treadmill session, and the author Gretchen Rubin’s practice of writing at 6 am. Vanderkam says that if you wait until the end of the day to do meaningful but not urgent things, such as exercising, reading, or thinking about advancing your career, it probably won’t happen. She does, however, acknowledge that 10-20% of people are night owls, and that they simply wouldn’t be better off doing things early in the morning, but everyone else can train themselves to a new, earlier schedule.

5-step Process to Better Productivity

In her book, Laura Vanderkam lays out a process consisting of five steps that will help you with your productivity.

•    Track your time. It seems obvious, but you should really know how you’re spending your time. Write down what you’re doing in great detail, and Vanderkam also offers a downloadable spreadsheet that can help you with that.
•    Picture the perfect morning. You’ve probably thought about this. It’s very easy, just concentrate and think about what makes you happy.
•    Think through the logistics. This is all about planning. Think of a morning schedule and it what would need to happen to make it possible. And what’s most important, think about the time of day you need to go to bed and get up in order to be well rested.
•    Build the habit. Vanderkam describes this as the most important step.
•    Tune up as necessary. The final step, which gives you the freedom to alter certain rituals in your everyday life, so you can be more productive.