Mobile task management apps are nothing new. They’ve been around for some time, at least since the launch of the App Store. Some of them were offered as mobile extensions of productivity suites or team communication apps. Others were developed as standalone apps, especially for mobile. Today they’re available in many flavors. BubblesPlanner is also available as a mobile app. And that’s because taking your task management to mobile comes with many benefits:

     •    Allows You to Manage Tasks Effectively outside the Office
Being able to check, adjust, and reassign tasks while commuting to work, driving home, or traveling can boost both your productivity and that of your team. Task notifications help you keep up more easily with the status of tasks and quickly reassign tasks in case of an emergency.

    •    Helps to Keep Your Tasks Better Organized
You can create, delete, merge, and suspend tasks in real time. This can prevent a cluttered dashboard that takes a lot of time to sort. By not letting tasks pile up, you save time on managing them later.

    •    Makes Deadlines Easier to Manage
When you have to manage multiple tasks, adjusting deadlines is sometimes necessary. With a mobile app in your pocket, it’s a lot easier both to ask for and to grant an extra day on an important project. In this way, you avoid issues with team managers and ensure all work is completed to the desired standard of quality.

    •    Facilitates Communication with Other Team Members
The ability to quickly communicate with other team members is crucial for effective task management. On mobile, built-in communications app are just a touch away. When that fails, it’s always possible to text or phone someone on your team. Since you don’t have to switch devices, you save time.

    •    Improves Your Productivity
Today’s powerful mobile technology allows you to work on the go almost as effectively as on a computer. Having an up to date list of tasks at hand on mobile encourages you to get more work done on your mobile device.

In the end, mobile task management can help you streamline operations and grow your business. Take advantage now of its many benefits.