Today, we’re going to talk about e-mails. This means of communication is not going anywhere anytime soon, especially now that all of us are constantly linked to our e-mail accounts through our smartphones.

Sometimes it seems that there can be no end to the number of e-mails we receive. This is not too surprising, either, considering how many times we enter our e-mail address to register on certain websites, subscribe to magazines, or sign up for notifications on web stores.

Some people can have thousands of unread e-mails in their inbox. How can we prevent being overwhelmed by this and stay productive? These tips will help you with that.

1. Create Filters in Your Inbox

The first thing to do to drastically reduce the number of unread e-mails is to automatically separate them by category. Now, obviously, we’re not suggesting sending your work e-mails to the “Spam” folder.

But, for example, if you’re subscribed to a certain magazine, you can re-direct their e-mails to a specific folder, and even mark them as read automatically. That way, you’ll have all the collection at your disposal, nice and tidy, whenever you need it.

2. Set Specific Times to Read E-mails during Work Hours

If you’re constantly checking your inbox while you’re working, you’ll lose a tremendous amount of productivity, because you’ll always have to spend some time re-focusing on the task at hand.

Instead, schedule e-mail reading with one-hour intervals, or more. Even if you receive work-related e-mails in the meantime, chances are it does not require your immediate attention, or the person would probably not have sent an e-mail.

3. Deal with E-mails in One Go

If an e-mail requires you to take some action, then take the action immediately, unless you can’t. If you don’t do this, then this unfinished business will remain on the back of your mind, and prevent you from concentrating on your other tasks.

There are several types of action that an e-mail may require:

  • If it requires a reply, then reply right away.
  • If it has a task for you, you can either do it right away, or after you’ve finished your current one. Either way, you’ll have an additional task on your to-do list. In these cases, it may be helpful to have a task managing app like BubblesPlanner. It provides a user-friendly way to create to-do lists and get these unfinished tasks off your head.
  • If it requires you to delegate a task, you can either forward the e-mail to the designated person, or find another way to delegate the task. Again, the BubblesPlanner app is great for this. You can share and delegate tasks between people. This saves you more time and lets you get right back to work!