Managing your projects has never been easier thanks to Bubbles Planner, a task management app that takes all of the stress out of organizing your work. The app offers a range of key features that focus on user-friendly task management to make you as efficient as possible.

Visualizing Tasks

Every task you enter into Bubbles Planner is represented by a colored bubble, each of a different size to demonstrate the importance of the task. By dragging and dropping the bubbles you can organize your workflow, preview your week, and plan ahead to ensure crucial project tasks get completed. Your prioritized tasks are front and center at all times and the app even helps you find bottlenecks that would slow the project down.

Manage Multiple Projects

Using boards you can separate your projects from one another and ensure only the people and teams that need to work on the project can see it. Each board allows you to create and assign tasks specifically to the team members assigned to the board, with each also having a private and messaging system for project-related communication.

Use it Anywhere

Using the Bubbles Planner mobile app, available both on iOS and Android, you can keep track of project tasks no matter where you are. Create new tasks while on the move and use your smartphone to drag and drop them to keep projects organized. You can even use the app to maintain communication with team members and check up on the progress of your projects while you’re away from the office.

Share and Edit Files

You can save, share, and edit project files in real time using Bubbles Planner, ensuring key documents reach the people who need to see them. The app is even compatible with a range of cloud services, including Google Docs, Evernote, and Dropbox, allowing even easier access to your documents. Using the app you can add notes to files and observe changes as they happen.

A Simple User-Interface

Simplicity lies at the heart of the Bubbles Planner task management app. You can search for individual tasks quickly and adjust the project flow by dragging and dropping tasks, files, and folders. The app also shows you how tasks link together and which are dependent upon the completion of others before they can proceed.