Everyone thinks that their way is best when it comes to being efficient in the workplace. From the way we interact with others, to sleeping habits, to the way we arrange our desks, we often feel that everything has to be done a certain way in order to do the job well.

As there’s nothing wrong with that in theory, there are some bad habits that we all unwillingly pick up that actually decrease our productivity.

Don’t Put off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

If you have the luxury of getting all your tasks at the start of the week you should barely feel like you’re working. Knowing when projects should be delivered and having the freedom to arrange your schedule should provide you with plenty of time to tackle all of them with time to spare.

However, many of us fall into a common trap. We often postpone the hard projects late in the week so that we can take our time with the easy ones first. Thus essentially prolonging to weekend. No matter how good you think you are in crunch time, there’s a higher chance to make a mistake when you’re racing against the clock to get the job done.

It should seem obvious that if you were do make a hasty mistake you would rather do it on a simple project that can be fixed on the spot instead of solving a complex matter.

Sleeping In

Everyone likes to sleep in. Grabbing a few extra minutes of shut-eye in the morning may seem like a great idea at the time. In reality, it can really hurt your performance at work. Not only that, but it may actually cause you to lose focus and lose sight of what your priorities should be.

Even if you don’t feel fully rested, it’s better to try and sleep more the following night. Try wondering around the house for a few minutes and you’ll slowly feel like yourself again, instead of pressing the snooze button.

Of course, if all else fails, there are always plenty of alarm clocks that don’t come with a snooze feature. Get one of those and you’ll stay awake unless you’re the type of person that can afford smashing phones a few times a week.

How to Get Plenty of Rest

The reason we feel the need to sleep in is because we go to bed exhausted. Whether because we spend the night out or we keep our eyes glued to the screen, that’s why you feel like pressing the snooze button in the morning.

A good way to avoid these types of situations is to get a sense of what your body can handle and how much rest it needs. If you can’t do that then at least try to avoid using your devices as much before you go to bed.